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On Monday we shared 5 🔥 deals (more on those below) to our Deal Sheet subscribers.

These deals are all accessible at 10% carry, a 50% discount to the standard 20% carry.

Every week.

The top (investable) deals.

Being syndicated from 50+ syndicate leads.

Always 10% carry (a 50% discount to the standard).

No commitment.

You invest where, when, and how much you want.

On Monday, we shared 5 deals…

  1. Accel backed AI data infrastructure platform with $500M+ ARR

  2. Stanford founded AI application alongside General Catalyst

  3. Garry Tan & Lightspeed backed fintech platform

  4. Leading gen-AI search engine backed by Salesforce Ventures 

  5. Gaming studio founded by the founders of the worlds first trading card game ($1B+ Revenues)

You can sign up for Deal Sheet here or book a call to learn more!

You can sign up for Deal Sheet here or book a call to learn more!

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